Welcome to my portfolio

Nice to meet you! My name is Florentin and I am a web developer. I would like to introduce you to my work and present my web products and services.

Like any other human being i wish for success and happiness. Probably like many engineers I strive to accomplish beautiful professional results. The coder inside me has no rest until the last lines of the script are laid out. As a person who inspires others I would take an interest in helping them to improve. I know people are yearning to have someone who cares about their success on and off the job. Bellow please find some of the interesting projects i've made.

About me

  • have been creating websites since 2001
  • provide effective web solutions
  • open source enthusiast
  • self-motivated and self-improver
  • close interaction with the clients and teammates
  • waiting for semantic web to emerge
  • ready for my next challenge

What I do

  • professional Python, PHP and Ruby web coding
  • satisfactory Javascript solutions
  • elegant and usable website interfaces
  • build fresh and clean web applications
  • produce deliverables in timely fashion
  • maintain understanding of web demands
  • use modern web N.0 techniques
  • preserve my passion for web development
  • offer highly competitive prices

News aggregator

Aggregate, categorize and display news on specific topics.


A product reviews and comparison site.

Thank you for taking time in reading my brief profile.