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Description: DrivingLessons.com was started by a group of people who wanted to compare driving schools and prices for driving lessons all in one place.
They wanted to make the best decision for their kids. So they all got together, wrote down their thoughts on each school and did some research about what people thought of the different schools out there, now these reviews are online, listing the positives and negatives of each. DrivingLessons.com offers unbiased reviews for you to make your best decision.
Parents and teenagers can now book their driving lessons online through the site, once they fill in the form here They will receive a number of quotes from driving schools nearest to them, so they can quickly find out the best price, and check it a long side our independent reviews.
Tasks: build the website with Django
Tools: Python/Django
Skills: Geo queries, YUI
Date: 2011

Url: www.drivinglessons.com


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Description: Web.20 examples in action. This is a showcase of Ajax examples and web2.0 demos. Visitors are allowed to play with the source code, the example is updated on the fly as soon as they apply the changes. No code is sent back to the server, Javascript code takes care of updating the demo in real time. jQuery is used to attain some nice fade effects when visitors click on tags.
Tasks: idea and concepts, build the project code, promotion
Tools: Php, Cakephp, Javascript
Skills: I’ve studied and used Javascript libraries like YUI, Dojo, jQuery, Ext, MooTools
Date: 2007

Url: www.ajaxdaddy.com


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Description: a popurls-style script built entirely with Django, jQuery and YUI grids. Easy editable feed settings, titles, urls, positions in the page. Ready to be used on any domain.
Tasks: working with Django framework, custom template tags
Tools: Python – Django
Date: 2010

Url: www.pythondaddy.com/niftyurls/


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Description: wish you were somewhere else? World Beach Map is a Geo directory of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Featuring beach lists, photos, reviews and useful beach info.
Tasks: working with Google Maps Api, Flickr Api
Tools: Php – Drupal
Date: 2010

Url: www.worldbeachmap.com


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Description: danish corporate website for a carpentry business
Tasks: develop the entire site, install and customize a drupal theme
Tools: Php – Drupal, Pressflow
Skills: drupal modules: webforms, gallery assist, using drush command line
Date: 2010, march

Url: www.berax.dk


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Description: a collection of stylish web 2.0 badges and badge generator. Visitors can create their your own Web 2.0 badge for free and find quick & easy tools to create beautiful web 2.0 badges.
It’s a free online graphical web badge generator.
Task: design, coding the generator
Tools: Php, Gd
Skills: better Gd knowledge
Date: 2007

Url: www.web20badges.com


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Description: making a webdesign tool which can create interesting graphic elements used in many web 2.0 sites. You may use it to create boxes of different styles and colors.
Tasks: working with Php and GD only, I’ve developed a demo on how GD libraries can be used to create common design elements found in many web 2.0 sites.
Tools: Php, GD, jQuery UI
Skills: working with GD and jQuery user interface
Date: 2008

Url: www.freshgenerator.com

Synonyms find and replace tool

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Synonyms find and replace tool: based on FCKeditor, this tool was used to find and replace synonyms in a text. I have extracted all terms from Wordnet dictionary.


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Description: it’s a domain suggestion tool. It helps people find available domain names.
Tasks: generate a list of domains based on search parameters and check each for availability using ajax requests
Tools: Php – Drupal
Date: 2008

Url: www.domainexposer.com


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Description: Naughty Reviews is a guide to Independent Escorts, Escort Services and local adult entertainment.
Tasks: data aggregation and management
Tools: Php – Drupal, Ruby
Skills: building ruby scripts for managing text resources, data analysis, architecture and modeling
Date: 2009

Url: www.naughtyreviews.com